Long after the conference has concluded, it's the connections that continue

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CMX Summit [Hashtags to Handshakes Show]

I had the pleasure of interviewing David Spinks, the creator of CMX Summit which is for community managers and those who care about building community.

David has some really interesting speakers at his conference, including the FBI, and I can tell that he is really passionate about building community.  

The event takes place on June 12 – 13 2014 in NYC (Eyebeam Art + Technology Center)

For my audience, get a 25% discount on the price of the conference when you use the code: AmbassadorBruny


Here’s the video:

The Video Link 


  • What it means to be a professional community builder
  • David explains why this conference isn’t just for Community Managers
  • David shares some of the things you can expect to learn at CMX Summit
  • David lets us know that this is bigger than a conference, this is a movement. See more at CMXHUB
  • You’ll find out how you can become a speaker at CMX Summit next year
  • David graciously extends a 25% discount code: AmbassadorBruny to you my faithful viewer

Will you be at the conference?  Let me know so David can personally say, “Hello.” 

Remember, long after the conference has concluded it’s the connections that continue.

Do you need help with conference networking as you get ready for CMX Summit?  Did you know I created an online course to help you make better connections at conferences?  You can find it here.

Your Ambassador,

Mike Ambassador Bruny

Social Media Marketing World – Networking Tips [Live G+ Hangout]

The video below is a live Google Hangout for folks who were preparing to go to Social Media Marketing World (SMMW).  I provide networking tips to help them get prepared for the conference.

YouTube Link just in case you can’t see the video

What stood out most to you?  What question would you like answered as you prepare for your next conference?

Remember, long after the conference has concluded it’s the connections that continue.

Your Ambassador,
Mike Ambassador Bruny

3 Conference Networking Tips From CES


In January I had the opportunity to go to CES as a brand Ambassador for Intel. I spent a good portion of my time behind a counter interacting with folks who were passing by. My speciality for the event was tablets.

Even though I knew I would spend part of my day answering questions I still took all the necessary steps to make the most of the networking opportunity at this conference (It’s really a show and not a conference in the traditional sense of the word). Here are a couple of conference networking tips and how they can be helpful to you:

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