Long after the conference has concluded, it's the connections that continue


I look forward to being of service and helping you turn your conference into the kind of event people want to attend every year.

I can help you make recurring revenue by helping your attendees get what they are looking for at your event. 

You already know…

  • travel budgets are shrinking.
  • that most of the content at conferences can be found online.
  • human connection is what can’t be replaced. 

It’s the connections that are made that will keep attendees, sponsors and exhibitors coming back to your event.  

Below are the base services we start with but aren’t afraid to customize based on your needs.  Look it over then let’s schedule 15 minutes to talk on the phone to see if we are a good fit to work with each other. Access to my Calendar.



This package is the consultation package.  I review your website, your social media plan and overall programming. I identify opportunities for you to increase the connection between your attends and make a written recommendation.

Who this is for: Conference organizers who have been putting on the same event for several years, but are not seeing the results they would like.  I help to shake things up based on my research and diverse perspective.

Investment: $2000 (US dollars) is our starting point


For your conference first-timers.  There is nothing more frustrating than going to a conference and not knowing anyone.  Sure we tell ourselves we are here for the content, but that information could have been gotten online, without the cost of a flight and hotel room.  

Being new isn’t easy for your attendees but it can be with the conference networking school.  I help your attendees connect before your event and then watch them build anticipation as they finally get to meet in person–and guess who gets all the credit for helping them make relevant connections?  You do!  

Who is this for: Conference organizers who get an influx of new people at their event.  If you are interested in making a great first impression to increase the chances of your repeat attendance, this package is for you.

Investment: $7,000

Package elements


  • Registration segmentation.
  • Pre-Conference targeted messages
  • Video creation 
  • Have several online gatherings to help build contacts before your event

During Conference:

  • The night before hold a Hashtags to Handshakes party where participants get to meet in person
  • Morning Power Networking Walks
  • The morning of the conference hold a workshop focused on the the elements to make great connections at the conference (potential to involve sponsors and exhibitors)
  • Create several help stations for first time attendees

After the Conference:

  • Assessment and attendee survey


This package is the “all in,” package.  I am with you before, during and after your conference to ensure all your attendees have the kind of support and experience that will make them come back next year and even bring a friend.  

Having me at your event allows you to roam around and be the great host that you are instead of being stuck answering questions.  Just send people my way and I’ll provide them excellent service so you can focus on the bigger picture.  

You already have someone who is in charge of operations, but you don’t have someone who is totally focused on the needs of your attendees and helping them make the best connections possible.  That is where I come in.

Who this is for: Conference organizers looking to provide their attendees with the best connection experience possible.  It’s for someone who believes, “long after the conference has concluded, it’s the connections that continue.”

Investment: $10,000

Package elements


  • Main Ambassador Staffing:

    • Recommendation for ideal Ambassador Staffing

    • Identify qualities of a good Ambassador

    • Create original training video and deliver live virtual training (recorded)

    • Availability for questions and answers leading up to the event

  • Survey

    • Generate conference networking questions

    • Analyze results and convert it into useful information for you

  • Attendee Preparation Videos

    • Provide 3 pre-event videos designed to help participants create better connections and be at ease during your event.  These make excellent email updates.

  • Social Media Conversation

    • Become part of the social media conversation on the LinkedIn Group, Facebook and Twitter to help participants make connections and increase the sense of ease. (Social media training available if needed)

During the Conference:

  • 30 minute Training of Main Staff

  • 10 Minute Training of Volunteer Staff

  • Power Networking Walks the morning(s) of the conference

  • Serve as an on-site Ambassador:

    • Work opening night party

    • Point of contact for all things related to connection during your event

Post Conference:

  • Report out on what went well and areas of opportunities moving forward
  • 1 post event video focused on follow-up
  • 3 follow-up messages delivered 1 week, 1 month and 1 quarter following your event 


The next step is for us to get on the phone so I can learn about your needs and see if we want to work together.  Sounds good?

Here is access to my Calendar

Here is my number: 617-943-1417

Here’s my email address: Bruny@HashtagsToHandshakes.com

I look forward to answering your questions and potentially working together.


What Others Have to Say


Phil_Mershon___LinkedIn“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ambassador Bruny on our recent Social Media Marketing World 2013 conference. He managed many facets of our in person networking and helped make this a memorable networking experience for many. Mike is the consummate professional and takes his work very seriously. He delivers on his promises and goes above and beyond to deliver value even when not asked or expected. I highly recommend him for your next in person conference (as long as it doesn’t compete with ours!)
Phil Mershon, Director of Events, Social Media Examiner

Pamela_Slim___LinkedInI hired Michael to be the ambassador for my Body of Work Live conference in Phoenix, Arizona. I wanted the participants to feel welcome, supported and prepared to do great work during the conference. Michael was amazing in his role. He organized and managed all the pre-during and post-conference events. He reached out to new participants and made them feel welcome. He created a strong, positive culture before the conference even started. I got amazing feedback and praise from those who had interacted with Michael, and consider his role to be a critical part of the success of my event. I recommend him with great enthusiasm, full endorsement and without any reservation to small businesses, companies and individuals who want a truly warm, classy and professional brand ambassador
Pam Slim, Speaker | Author | Business Strategist

Tammy_L__Benton___LinkedInMichael kicked off the inaugural session partnership between SXSW and Blacks in Technology during the 2013 SXSWi conference.  His session, entitled “The New Art of Networking” was so phenomenal that we rearranged the 2 day session schedule to have him come back and do an encore session!  He was engaging and very knowledgeable about his subject matter.  He was well prepared and his presentation was focused on the needs of his target audience.  We look forward to partnering with Michael in the future!
Tammy Benton, SXSWi/BiT Session Czar