The New Art of Conference Networking Course

After the Conference has Concluded,

it’s the Connections That Continue 


“Going to a conference can be scary. Feeling prepared and confident lets you break through that fear to really connect with the people around you. I am so happy I went through Mike Ambassador Bruny’s workshop. I got so much out of it. Thanks to you, I have a better idea of how to organize my time and efforts before, during and after a conference. Invaluable info.” -Beatriz Alemar, Life Coach, Your Breakthru Life .


There was a time when I thought, “He or she with the most business cards at the end of the day wins.” Boy was I wrong.  

Hi, I’m Mike Ambassador Bruny.  With over a decade of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, I’ve attended my share of conferences and networking events as a participant, coordinator and exhibitor.

I remember being told that networking is important and it’s something I have to do, but I don’t remember being taught how to do it or, more importantly, being taught the mindset of good networking.

Much of what I learned in the early days was through trial and error (felt like there was more error than trial).  That has evolved to experimentation and study.  I remember starting out as a “card bomber” – that person who doesn’t even take the time to say, “Hello,” before shoving their business card in your face.

I’ve evolved over the years to the person who clearly understands that building relationships takes time, it takes a plan and it takes a mindset of reciprocity.

I love conferences because they provide a perfect opportunity to connect with a large group of like-minded people at the same time.  But remember, just because you have like minds under one roof, does not mean they will automatically connect.  That’s why I’m not a big fan of agendas that just say, “Networking hour,” without any kind of facilitation.  All kinds of things get in the way and could leave you with the conference networking blues: lack of confidence, feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what to say, not feeling like you have anything to offer, etc.

“The New Art of Conference Networking” course is my answer to the conference networking blues.  The course helps you get clear on your goals, what you have to offer, ways to gain confidence and how to have flawless follow-up.  Our secret sauce?  Showing you how to use online tools to make connections BEFORE your conference.  The results?  Anticipation – you have people who can’t wait to meet you in person after connecting online. (I call this #Hashtags to Handshakes).  Having someone who can’t wait to meet you at the conference beats not knowing anyone and feeling totally overwhelmed.  Are you ready to have a different experience?

A few things you’ll learn from my years of experimentation, research, succeeding and failing:

Arrow - OrangeWhat makes a conference such an ideal place to connect with people–better than a local event

Arrow - Orange3 things you need to remember that will allow you to relax and draw people to you instead of always chasing others

Arrow - OrangeHow to make staying in touch more fun and less time consuming

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for individuals who…

Arrow - Orangewant to use the power of connections to make bigger things happen in this world

Arrow - Orangewant to feel less anxiety felt when they see the word networking at a conference

Arrow - Orangewant to learn an authentic way to connect with others at conferences

Arrow - Orangewant to boost their conference confidence aka conference swagger

Arrow - Orangewant to get a bigger return on all the money they spent for an upcoming conference

Arrow - Orange may be one of the these: entrepreneurs, employees, employers who sends people to conferences or Ph.D students getting ready to go to conferences in the next few months.

“I took the New Art of Conference Networking course by Mike “Ambassador” Bruny, in a slight panic, mere weeks ahead of World Domination Summit, where (I feared) I’d meet a ton of super-achievers that I’d be scared just to lay my eyes on.  He truly lives up to his moniker. His straight-up delivery reassured me; his knowledge of the psychology, mechanics and technologies of networking impressed me; and his warm personality won me over. I learned a ton, but above all, I regained my footings and was able to attend the conference with confidence because of him.  Plus, he is a stand-up guy and best-dressed twitterer I know:)” -Akira Morita, Orangutan Swing

When Is The Course?

Whenever you are ready to start–Now is always a good time, just click this link: (GET STARTED).

 The New Art of Conference Networking is a self-guided course broken into 4 modules.  The course is designed for the busy professional who may not have an hour for a webinar but who has small chunks of time on their smart phone, while on the bus, standing in line, etc.

Once you sign-up you will be given access to the Module 1: Focus and each day after that a new module will be released to you so you have a little bit to time to soak each one in before moving forward.  

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The investment for the course is only:  $197  $97 

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What Will You Learn In The Course?

Each module will cover 1 of the 4 pillars to mastering conference networking:

Module 1 – Focus: set up your mental and physical plan before the conference to ensure that you align your networking goals with your business goals, and minimize your chances of overwhelm.

Module 2 – Engage: learn how to connect with the folks you want to connect with…before the event.  This is the difference between a hug and a blank stare when you meet in person.

Module 3 – Attend: focus on being human; understand why knowing exactly where the bathroom is, where the locals hang out and the best place to put your name badge can make you the god or goddess of the conference.

Module 4 – Follow-up: get over the “It’s too late to follow-up” syndrome and get the exact scripts you need to turn what was once nerve-racking and anxiety-inducing into something easy and automatic.

Every Module: You’ll receive vetted technology tools that save you time and help you organize your networking journey.  One of the tools will help you answer the age old question, “What do I do with all these business cards now that I have them?”

What’s In The Course?

Arrow - OrangeRecorded Webinars: This is a 4-module interactive online course with short videos and activities to help you get the most out of what you are learning.

Arrow - OrangeLive Q&A Calls: Each Sunday at 2pm (EST) following a new lesson I will host a live Q & A call.  The call will be recorded and available for those who can’t make it. (Call dates are : TBA)

Arrow - OrangePrivate Facebook Group: Receive the feedback, support and resources you need, in a safe environment, that will encourage your success.

Arrow - OrangeVirtual Video Networking Session: Participate in a virtual video speed networking party where you can practice your new skills from the comfort of your own home.

Arrow - OrangeResource Section: Access a resource section with links to apps, supplemental videos, audio and interviews that will help in your quest to master conference networking.

What’s Next?

But wait there’s more! (I always wanted to say that.)

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When you sign-up you’ll get immediate access to bonus material including:

  • 3-part video series called, “3 Common Mistakes Conference Networkers Make and How to Avoid Them.”
  • Ebook: “19 Hip Hop Affirmations for Networkers.”  What we say to ourselves before and during our conference has a huge impact on the experience we have.  These lyrics and affirmations will help you to stay focused.
  • Video Interview: “Healthy Habits For Conference Goers,” with Nathan Agin from Nonstop Awesomeness: Optimal Living on the Road
  • Updates: Access to my monthly conference networking updates and access to future updates of this course.

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The investment to get started is: $197 $97

(You pay securely through PayPal and our learning platform Ruzuku)

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Still Want More (Add Coaching for $99)

Sometimes you really need to get down to the specifics of your situation.  For those of you who still want or need more support, I’m here for you.  You can add 1hr of coaching for $99 (usually $199) when you purchase the online course.  You can use the 1hr however you would like, but I suggest setting up 30 minutes before your conference and 30 minutes after your conference.  Space is limited.

Here is how you can get a coaching spot with me:

1. Purchase the online course above.
2. Send me an email with a copy of your receipt (
3. I will respond with an invoice for the $99 coaching and a scheduling link so we can schedule your coaching time.


I met Mike not long before attending my first conference ever.

Being an introvert, I feared I would be overwhelmed by the massive crowd, and would end up just attending the sessions but not really meet people, and miss a big part of what the event had to offer.  In other words, I didn’t really know what to expect from a networking perspective.

That’s when Mike’s genuine interest for net-working (ask him about it) came into play, at the perfect time.

A few weeks before the conference, he launched his course to help other future attendees prepare.

Thanks to his sessions I had a clearer view of what I could expect, set goals for myself, and learned various tips and tricks that helped me achieve these goals.

Knowing I was correctly prepared for the event was greatly comforting and allowed me to show up there with more confidence.

My initial goal of meeting at least five people and stay in contact with them now seems amusingly small.

The results exceeded the objective by far: I met dozens of people and created meaningful connections with more of them than I imagined possible.

Those people are now part of my daily online life and we exchange ideas and support each others on various personal or business-related projects regularly.

Mike is really passionate about helping people and I already recommended him to friends whom I think would benefit from having him on their side. -Patrice Bellan, Consultant

Still have questions after all that?  If you’ve made it this far, forget the email, just give me a call:
As always, my goal is to help you Run The Point (Take Action) from where you are, with what you have.
Your Ambassador,
Mike Ambassador Bruny
Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange


I stand by the quality of this course, but I do know this course will not be for everyone.  If for some reason you are not happy with the material,  you get a “no questions asked” money back guarantee after you go through the whole course (4-weeks).  

Just send me an email ( with the subject line, “refund” and BAM!, it’s done.

No hoops to jump through, no back and forth email.  

If you’re not happy, keep the bonus materials and get your money back!  Nothing more to be said.