Long after the conference has concluded, it's the connections that continue

Long After the Conference Has Concluded, It’s the Connections That Continue

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The Science Behind the Art of Conference Networking

Have you noticed that some people just seem more connected and quickly make connections at conferences?  The New Art of Conference Networking will show you how to become the person that others want to connect with and how you can do a better job making connections.

On This Site You’ll Learn:

  • As an attendee; how to be more confident and quiet those butterflies in your stomach
  • As an attendee; how to connect with speakers BEFORE the conference begins so it seems like you’re old friends when you meet in person
  • As an attendee; how to build a relationship for years after a conference to turn A-listers into mentors and friends.
  • As an organizer; how to create environments conducive to making connections
  • As an organizer; how to leverage the art of connection to make more ticket sales
  • As an organizer; how to be remembered as the conference where they made the best connections ever


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